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Umbria Biobank

Umbria Biobank

Programme: European Development Regional Fund  (2014-2020) – Region of Umbria

Duration: 15/3/2019 – 14/3/2022

Coordinator/Beneficiary: Azienda Ospedaliera di Perugia 

Co-Beneficiary(ies): Università degli Studi di Perugia (Centre of Research “Rights and Science”)

Project Manager: Angelo Sidoni

Key Staff: Cristina Pelliccia, Valentina Colcelli, Roberto Cippitani 



Establishing up a Biobank in Umbria, i.e. a service unit, with non-profit purpose, aimed at the collection and conservation of human biological material for diagnosis and research purposes.

The Biobank will provide services to the medical-scientific community and in particular to patients/donors.

The Umbria Biobank is expected to adhere to the BBMRI-ERIC, i.e. the European infrastructure of the biomolecular biobanks. 


  • Analysis and reuse of BBMRI-ERIC project resources
  • Inventory of the existing collection of biological material, classification of materials and digital archive constitution
  • Implementation of the host infrastructure
  • Acquisition and management of data related to the new biological material
  • Analysis of ethical-legal issues 
  • Risk recovery Plan
  • Management and Design
  • Communication, dissemination and promotion of Biobanking activities  
  • Collaboration between the Umbria biobank and the BBMRI-ERIC network