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Objectives of the Forum

    • Identifying a context in which to discuss the legal and ethical implications of research activities. 
    • Improving the collaboration among scholars (at different levels) from different disciplinary fields (i.e., jurists and scientists).
    • Reflecting from the juridical, philosophical, historical and social points of view on integration on the grounds of the rights recognised by supranational courts.
    • Elaborating the rights and statuses recognised by the case law and other legal concepts arising from regional integration in Europe and in America.  
    • Making students, researchers and professionals aware of their rights, obligations and responsibilities in the light of the ‘5th Freedom’.
    • Building and strengthening networking with other academic bodies and with local, national and international organisations and bodies.


    • Elaboration of research and teaching projects 
    • Teaching activities 
    • Research activities 
    • Publications 
    • Organisation of events